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For many people, meditation still has a spiritual stigma. Despite that many people have tried it many become disillusioned and give up.
BrainFitness uses an innovative approach to get people to meditate and make sure that they keep up the habit. We cast a new light on meditation by explaining the traditional exercises with neuroscience. We show people how meditation reshapes the brain.
Even though meditation instructions are easy, the actual practice is notoriously hard. Understanding why meditation is good for you won’t make it easier. Therefore, we introduce Muse: The Brain Sensing Headband in our workshop. Muse gives you real time biofeedback of what’s going on in your mind. Muse can determine if your mind is active or calm, and guides you to a calm state of mind. With Muse, meditation becomes easier.
In today’s society, stress is illness number one. One in 8 people suffer from a burn-out, and one third of the absenteeism is caused by stress. 
Meditation is the perfect solution for stress. Scientific evidence for it’s benefits is piling up. Meditation lowers stress, improves attention and cognition, strengthens the immune system and makes you a happier person. BrainFitness gives the workshop Focus! to make the most out of meditation.
For a company, meditation is a crucial tool to improve the well-being and performance of their employees.The success of a company is driven by it’s employees. Scientific studies show that meditation reduces absenteeism, improves productivity—and increases employee engagement.
It would make sense for everyone to meditate on a daily basis. But this is generally not the case—why not?

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Nieuwe oefeningen en soundscapes voor Muse

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Emotiv Insight

BrainFitness heeft als een van de eerste beschikking over de nieuwste EEG headset, namelijk de Emotiv Insight. Emotiv staat vooral bekend om de voor onderzoek geschikte "Epoc", maar betreed nu de markt met de voor consumenten [...]

BrainFitness op Uprise Festival

BrainFitness was afgelopen weekend (25-9 – 26-9) op Uprise Festival, het grootste startup en technologie evenement van de Benelux. Ons doel was simpel: zoveel mogelijk mensen aan te laten mediteren met Muse. De resultaten waren [...]